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The 1st book by Vladimir Megre is a story about an unordinary woman who possesses a gift of healing either human body or soul.
12.90€ 9.90€
Ingredients: 100% natural Siberian cedar with the extract of ground cedar oilcake 8 gums in a blister, 0.8g Contain...
The cream-balsam is necessary for feet skin care and lessening the discomfort while walking. The cream-balsam is base...
15.80€ 12.50€
Kedra Toothpaste with essential oil and mint New effective means of hygiene for your teeth and gums. The toothpaste ...
Shaving soap “Cedar” – handmade, based on cedar oil with cedar resin and white clay. Suitable for all skin types, especi...
The Cedar oil was always considered a delicacy. It is easily acquired by an organism, possesses high nutritious and curative properties, it is unusually rich in vitamins also microcells. Cedar nut oil contains a wide set of substances useful for a human b
This oil is a combination of Siberian cedar nut oil and the all natural extract of sea-buckthorn berries. The cedar o...
23.50€ 19.00€
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